Brian in Sudan
2018 East Africa Open Science Tour: Khartoum, Sudan

I am committed to being an active participant in the open science, biomedical research, and applied research ethics communities. Here is a list of community activities I have been involved with:

Personal top 10 list (rev. chronological order)

  • Program committee member. Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship (FORCE) 2021 Annual Meeting. 2021 October

  • 2020 General Symbiont Award Winner. The Symbiont Awards: celebrating the sharing of scientific data. 2020 January 05

  • Co-organizer. East Africa Open Science Tour. 2018 November 12-23

  • Named to Mozilla’s Network50. 50 people who are making the internet a better place. 2017

  • Program committee member. International Data Forum, International Data Week. 2016

  • Invited hackathon leader. MIT hacking medicine: grand hack. 2016 April 29 - May 1

  • Founding workgroup member. Vivli global clinical research data sharing platform. 2015-2016

  • Invited contributor. President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative: roundtable on participant engagement. 2015 June 25

  • Contributor. Trans-NIH workshop to explore the ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) of citizen science. 2015 January 14

  • Invited contributor. White House OSTP roundtable on patient data donation for research. 2014 August 7

The rest of the best (rev. chronological order)

  • Hackathon facilitator. Multi-Omics in Mothers and Infants (MOMI) consortia annual meeting. 2019 October 09

  • Invited trainer. Grand Challenge Explorations India: Tools that enable distributed research and collaboration. 2019 March 15

  • Invited judge. Technovation Tunisia regional pitch. 2018 May 05

  • Invited blog post. Guiding change towards agency. 2017 August 08

  • Invited contributor, ResearchKit blog. Participant-centered research in a rocky data sharing climate. 2016 November 30

  • Invited expert. Mozilla open leaders mentorship program. 2016-present

  • Mentor. Mozilla mentorship program: Open leadership training series. 2016

  • Invited member. Open leadership cohort, Mozilla Science Labs. 2016

  • Workshop co-organizer. Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB): Applied knowledge building networks for translation - how to use DREAM Challenges and the Synapse platform as a research strategy. 2015 July 11

  • Member. NCI Integrative Cancer Biology Program (ICBP) outreach and education committee. 2012-2014

  • Member. The Future of Research Communication and e-Scholarship (FORCE11). 2014-present

  • Public signatory. access2research petition to ‘Require free, timely access over the Internet to journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research’ through 2012

  • Public response. White House OSTP request for information on public access to digital data. 2012 January 12