life ∋ { professional, personal }

professional life

My days are spent as Principal Scientist and Head of Outreach and Strategic Development at Sage Bionetworks. Previously, I worked for seven years as a statistician at the Mayo Clinic primarily in cancer clinical trials and cancer genomics. I have extensive experience working with clinical and genomic data and have long had a passion for exploring ways to make science more open and transparent. I consider myself a science advocate and am involved in a number of national efforts to promote a research ecosystem where participants are treated as partners in the research process. I have also been an invited speaker at a number of national and international events to share my experiences living at the intersection of biomedical research, technology, and policy. I was recently named by Mozilla as one of “50 People Who Are Making the Internet a Better Place” and received the 2020 General Symbiont Award recognizing sustained excellence in scientific data sharing.

My current work aims to make the biomedical research system more effective by challenging the traditional roles of researchers, institutions, funders, and research participants. At its heart, this work is rooted in building trust between these parties as well as with the public at large.

Brian at the White House
2014 White House OSTP roundtable on patient data donation for research

personal life

When not consumed by the ‘professional life’ above, I enjoy traveling, hanging with family and friends, spinning vinyl, playing cards, golfing, drinking good coffee or wine (depending on the hour of the day), and barbequing. I live in Seattle, WA and am lucky to have four fruit trees which keep me busy in the summer months. I am a Minnesota native, and am proud of my hearty heritage (see below). If it were socially acceptable, I would be barefoot all day long. If you catch me at the airport traveling back from a (formal) talk, you’ll often see me still in my dress slacks and shirt, but changed into sandals instead of dress shoes. That’s just how I roll.

Golf on christmas morning in Minnesota
Golfing tradition: December 25, 2015 in St. Cloud, MN